Project Management System

Organize your work with LoopIn, a Project Management Systems that will help you to collaborate with your team and various other activities to ensure a project’s success. This system allows you to carry out projects systematically and enables you to monitor their progress closely. Starting from project / task definition to implementation, LoopIn brings unparallel efficiency at all stages!

LoopIn is different than traditional project management software as it allows you to work the way you want. With LoopIn, you can add great efficiency in your communication & control system. With it you can work quickly, conveniently and efficiently with in-house as well as distributed teams. With LoopIn, stake holders will always have real-time access to the actual progress of the project.

This flexible project management system enables you to get things done at one place:
  • Create teams
  • Assign roles
  • Create & prioritize tasks
  • Upload & track documents
  • Assign & schedule tasks
  • Get statuses
  • Track progress in real time
  • Track actual vs. projected progress

LoopIn also allows you to see the actual work getting done by the development teams, this gives you a great insight especially in geographically distributed team environment.

Whenever you are travelling or are in a board meeting, where you would like to see the progress, LoopIn provides a mobile interface to get data any time and any where you want.

Here are the things that we have kept in mind while designing this product:

  • Identification – Identifying the need to undertake a project and understanding various tasks related to it.
  • Prioritization – We have made sure that our products let you carefully analyze projects and prioritize them considering various factors such as level of commitment, project value, potential outcomes, and required effort and so on.
  • Planning- Planning overall timeline for the project – scope of work, available resources, planning deadlines, deliverables or completion of the project.
  • Coordination- We understand how important coordination is in project management and therefore we ensure that our product manages and coordinates tasks considering all the other factors such as allocation of time, sequence of work and so on.
  • Communication- We understand how important role communication plays in the success (or failure) of any coordinated task. So we have made the communication effort less and efficient.
  • Execution-We ensure everything is executed in a way it is planned that includes actual work on the project, what needs to be done and how it will be carried out.
  • Measure- This includes monitoring, measuring and project results, efficiency, budget and timings.

The best part is that the product is free to use. It is in its pre-launch stage right now, send us an email and we will provide you the required access to use LoopIn for free.

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