Digital Marketing Services

Dot Technologies offers digital marketing solutions based on the goals that are most significant to our customers. Our digital marketing experts take time to understand your business in order to create an effective strategy to fulfill all the objectives. We are passionate and creative and we also assure our clients that we optimize digital media in a refined manner. We keep the communication clear with our clients to accelerate growth and increase returns on digital marketing investment. Our expert team not only identifies the correct market, but will also identify the gaps. The most significant factor that makes Dot Technologies different is that we really care about meeting the expectations of our clients and fulfilling their objectives. We will help you to execute multi- channel integrated marketing campaigns, implement social and mobile messaging and enhance deliverability of services.

Our services

1. Search Engine Optimization - If you are firm about growing your online business and generating profit from it, you must remain in tune with various ways people search and look to do business with you. Dot Technologies ensures your business growth by targeting your audience in an advanced technological way. Our search engine optimization services include-

  • Local SEO -With our local SEO services, your target market will be able to find you easily with our geographically targeted campaigns.
  • Link Building- We will help you build relevant and high quality links in the right way. Trust our team and we will help you get found!
  • SEO Audits- This is an important initial step which will give you an insight on your website statistics. Our expert team with create new strategies for the future.
  • Infographic Marketing-We strive to put your messages in a much creative manner by using infographics.

We offer few other services in addition to the above mentioned services

On Page SEO

  • Title and meta description
  • Ranking report
  • Keyword analysis and research
  • Image tag optimization
  • 301 redirects & 404 handling

Off Page SEO

  • Content marketing
  • Link building
  • Directory submission
  • Linkable assets
  • Infographics

2.Social Media Optimization - Social media optimization is inseparable for any brand or service. If used in the right way, the amount of popularity it can give to your brand cannot be compared to any other form of advertising. Here's what our social media optimization services include-

  • Marketing Strategy- Dot technologies make efforts to understand your business, assess your needs and prescribe long term social media plans.
  • Implementation - We creatively implement all the strategies to connect the audience in an effective way.
  • Development - Apart from sharing images and videos, our team also run contests, promotions, sweepstakes and a lot more to engage the visitors. We can also develop apps for big brands to reward and engage the visitors even more.
  • Competitive analysis - We carefully examine each and every move of your competitors and identify their tactics in order to start implementing better techniques and shake their hold in the industry.
  • Content- Interesting content is what drives visitors on social media. Our experts post compelling content and images and spread across the social channels such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram and so on.
  • Analytics- Our expert team will track, monitor and measure the results of social media marketing and will provide you the complete insight of the campaign.

3. Pay Per Click - Dot Technologies offers Pay Per Click advertising services and these services can produce immediate results to a website's marketing. We at Dot Technologies cover various aspects of Pay Per Click marketing campaigns across various networks such as Google, Microsoft and Yahoo. With our PPC campaign you will be able to get maximum web traffic growth in minimum time. Our PPC services involves following processes-

  • Research and Planning- By using all the information, our expert team will research keywords, budgets in order to increase the probability for success.
  • Copy writing- Dot Technologies develops an attractive ad copy in order to get maximum visitors. We carefully follow all the parameters set by third party vendors.
  • Campaign and Bid Management- At Dot technologies, we make certain to monitor each campaign and identify its strengths and weaknesses to ensure that all the goals are met remaining in budget. Our team also review bid prices to keep budgets balanced and therefore reducing unwanted things that can be generated by a campaign.

In order to keep an eye on the functioning of a campaign, Dot Technologies uses a variety of conversion tracking tools. These tools accurately indicate how effectively client's dollars are being spent and how beneficial the investment is.