Web Application Development Services

A successful website is not only beautifully designed. It's also engineered well to evaluate user behavior and support with smart features catering to the business strategies and needs of the customers. And that's why developers at Dot Technologies are involved at every stage. A well designed website grasps the attention of the users and it is the codes and development process that targets the user’s attention and make the browsing process an impressive experience for them.

Dot Technologies uses a proven four phase approach called The Project Lifecycle for each project. It is a process through which we understand your requirements and research your existing resources to proceed for implementation. The result is a software satisfying your needs is designed, built, tested and delivered. We use this Lifecycle to develop a new application or for carrying out enhancement in the existing application.

The project Lifecycle helps us to build a collaborative relationship with our prestigious clients. Each phase of the Lifecycle upshots in a deliverable for review, feedback and approval. Only then we proceed to the next step.

The Project Lifecycle at Dot Technologies

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PHASE 1 – Planning

The first phase of the project Lifecycle is the fundamental process of understanding why the website is required and what is it required to do. In this stage we carry out research and discovery to establish your objectives. A detailed project plan is prepared which includes the objectives, the projected solution, timeline and the cost estimate.

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PHASE 2 – Design

During this phase mockups of the website are prepared which include page layouts, design components, icons and more. These mockups are presented to the client for reviewing, feedback and approval. Once the approval is received, a prototype is built that helps you to interact with the website before implementation.

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PHASE 3 – Build

Working with the prototype, the developers at Dot Technologies begin with website development. This is where things actually start taking shape. At the end of this stage a fully developed and functional staging site is delivered.

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PHASE 4 – Release

Prior to taking project live, an experienced tester ensures the website is fully functional and there are no errors. It involves the participation of client and a site testing panel. Once the testing is complete, the website is ready for the launch.

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PHASE 5 – Search Engine Optimization (OPTIONAL)

Dot Technologies will submit your site to all the search engines and start with the web traffic monitoring. After the website has been visible to the viewers, data will be collected to witness the need for search engine optimization. The web statistics and the keyword list will be shared with client. The final keywords will be embedded into the web pages to optimize them for search engines.

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Phase 6 – Support (OPTIONAL)

Dot Technologies is committed to provide quality support post-launch. After the website is published there might be information that needs to be updated, or new pages needs to be added to the website. The predefined web design methodology at Dot Technologies can simplify this for you. We also provide individual and group training to our clients so that they can take better advantage of the system features.