Pay Per Click Management

PPC is the right tool if you wish to hit the bull’s eye and reap rewards instantly.

Pay Per Click is the only advertisement campaign in which the user pays only for those ads which are clicked not otherwise. PPC ads are those that are visible on the top panel as well as the right panel of search engines. Most of the big search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc give PPC privileges to entrepreneurs to grow their businesses online precisely.

Dot Technologies brings you the most competitive element of internet marketing, PPC, to improve your conversions. After studying your business nature and requirements, we develop a set of keywords that exactly complement your business industry in order to create an effective PPC ad campaign. Our PPC experts can get you instant results for your business and an impressive return on your PPC investment. We take your business in the right direction by

  • creating an accurate PPC and budget strategy,

  • implementing it,

  • running PPC campaigns

  • monitoring and analyzing them on a regular basis, and

  • adjusting them as and when necessary.

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If you are looking for seasoned experts to manage PPC campaigns for optimum results, we can help!

With White Hat internet marketing practices, DOT Technologies extracts the organic juice of PPC solutions to benefit your online business.

Our team of creative copywriters works cohesively to develop an attractive ad copy to magnetize users as well as direct them to the appropriate landing page. Our PPC services generate leads for your business that can be easily converted with appropriate follow-up.

Instant Results:

PPC services give you an opportunity to gain W3 visibility easily with appropriate set of copy rich in business specific keywords.

Cost Effective:

You need not pay for all display ads but only for those which are clicked.

High ROI:

Each clicked PPC ad gives you lead that can be further converted into sales.

Target Market:

As per your business goals you can opt for W3 visibility in any geographic region of the world. For example if you want to gain W3 prominence in Atlanta then you can simply project PPC campaign for this specific region and tap the potential market share.