Seo and Smo Services

Seo and Smo Services

All it takes is a 'DOT' to start something 'BIG' And, that's what 'DOT' means in DOT Technologies.

Digital marketing is much more effective than traditional marketing and has leapfrogged traditional marketing in no time. Many obvious reasons have tilted the scale in favor of digital marketing. These include

  • Cost-effectiveness and diverse channels to support

  • Quantifiable results and higher ROI

  • Extensive brand exposure in the digital world

  • Higher engagement

  • Long-lasting impact, and more.

According to a report :


4.8 billion searches are made on different search engines on a daily basis across the globe.


72% of businesses have noticed increased sales after employing digital marketing services.

This implies that Digital Marketing Services can give a real boost to your business.


Search Engines

Who’s Leading the Race In 2023?


Google has a 91.15% share in terms of search volume.


The Second is Yahoo with 2.95%.


Bing manages to equal Yahoo’s 2.95%


Search Engine Optimization

Our certified SEO experts help you get your website to rank higher on the top search results. We know the perfect recipe for comprehensive and effective SEO strategies that can drive your business toward a bright future, ensuring it grows and thrives in the best way possible.

We feel proud to have served a number of businesses of different sizes throughout our journey. We have an expert team of SEO professionals, who follow white hat and tried and tested methodologies to help you dominate your Google search results. Our digital marketing strategies broadly include technical elements, on-page/off-page ranking, keyword research, indexability, competitor analysis, internal linking, link building & development, and website conversion.


Keyword Strategy


Competitor Analysis


Technical Elements






Content Optimization


Link Building


Website Conversion

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Are you looking for an SEO agency that has seasoned experts to optimize your website for search engines in the right way? We can help.


Social Media Optimization

Are you making the most of social media advertising campaigns to boost your ROI? Well, that's what we do at DOT Technologies. With the perfect blend of social media and organic search, we aim to fetch superior results and generate more leads for sales potential. We do everything to maximize your market reach and branding. With our strategic methodologies, we're ready to connect your brand with your desirable digital audiences. We're your transformative partner for expanding your marketing efforts to mobile channels with a creative spark.

We create/update your social media business accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus, YouTube, Instagram, Linkedin, and more.

It’s time to link your website with these social media accounts to get well-connected with your targeted audience, improve visibility, drive more website traffic, and get qualified leads.
We help you make your Social Media Campaigns a huge success!

We Manage Social Media | Build Brand Awareness | Drive Business Growth

Want to beat your competition?

Just give us a buzz and make the most of our dedicated digital marketing services to skyrocket your website in Google search results. We are passionate marketers, who'd love to be the driving force behind your business breakthroughs.

Facebook marketing

Facebook is the number one social media platform used by businesses. There are many ways of generating traffic for a business website through Facebook. From ads that direct traffic to landing pages to linking your blog posts and even putting a link to your website in your “About” section, your Facebook page can serve as a funnel for prospective customers who want to learn more about your business. With Facebook Ad campaign, we target audience suggested by you through attractive ads, and this is where Facebook advertising can become truly powerful and significant.

Twitter marketing

Twitter is also one of the world’s most popular social media platforms. We use the power of Twitter to help you reach and connect with your customers. The advantages of Twitter include reaching a wide audience and enabling two-way communication with customers

Instagram marketing

Instagram can be helpful in growing brand awareness and introduce products. 70% of Instagram users have spent time looking up a brand on the platform. Instagram allows you to promote your brand and product in a friendly, authentic way without hard selling to your customers

Google plus marketing

Google Plus reached 100 million users faster than Facebook and Twitter. We know how to use it's potential to make your campaign a success. Google+ is also good for search engine optimization perspective

Pinterest marketing

Pinterest helps you introduce your business and blog to a whole new audience. One pin can lead to ten pins, which can lead to another ten pins, and so on

Linkedin Marketing

LinkedIn is used by over 450 million business professionals worldwide. It is responsible for more than 80% of a business's social media leads! And, since it is largely focused on B2B connections, LinkedIn should be a big part of your social media marketing strategy

We can help.

Are you looking for Social Media Specialists to give your business the right boost on social media platforms?


Our SEO packages

Website audit

Our website audit service gives you an in-depth analysis of your website. We can provide you with a range of suggestions on what could be optimized to enhance your website’s visibility in search engines. Each aspect on your website will be analyzed and documented during our in-depth website audit.

On-page optimization

Ensuring content quality, using proper keywords and headings, and paying attention to several other technical factors, we provide the best on-page optimization SEO services to optimize your website and work in a smart but a natural way.

Off-page optimization

We understand how important it is for your website to rank in the top search results, and this is the reason why we provide personalized off-page SEO strategies. Off-page SEO directs the entire focus towards building and gaining high-quality links.


Our team of professionals have successfully managed thousands of adwords campaigns. We build and optimize new ads that are designed to draw in leads and enhance conversions. No need to waste another penny on poorly optimized AdWords ads when we are here.

AdWords Silver Gold Platinum All-IN-ONE Super Saver
Setting up the campaigns
Optimizing the campaigns
Bid Strategies
Monitoring and Optimization

Email marketing

We create email marketing campaigns to improve customer engagement and brand retention. This includes email optimization for businesses and campaigns. We help to provide the selection and management of email marketing programs.

Email Marketing Silver Gold Platinum All-IN-ONE Super Saver
Newletter design
Content Development
Create campaign
Schedule newsletters
Track performance & Optimize


We have online rank tracking in place for all the campaigns, and the report is a direct representation of how well the SEO is working for the site. From Keyword Ranking/Keywords Performance to alexa performance to cache status total backlinks to total index pages, we provide them all.

Reporting Silver Gold Platinum All-IN-ONE Super Saver
Traffic Log Analysis
Keywords Ranking Report
Monthly Progress Reports
Total Backlinks Report