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Following solid business methodologies and innovative techniques, our website designing services bestow our customers with conversion-centric smart design. As a web designing company, our solutions are engineered to primarily focus on

  • Matching the brand
  • Reflecting the audience's perception of the brand
  • Appealing to the target audience(s)

Dot Technologies goes to lengths to comprehend every facet of your business and then utilize technology and creativity to build a top-notch website with a unique identity and edge over competitors. We continuously strive to surpass your expectations and create designs that convey your message just the way you want. To create unique designs in true sense of the word, our team of creative brains extends their services to responsive web design and device-agnostic web design to keep up with the constantly changing design world.

When you choose us, you signup for a steadfast, extremely proficient, and result-oriented company that brings cost-effective ingenious resources, out-of-the-box ideas, and seamless quality.

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Web Development Services

Get your operations strategized and executed through our robust technology. Our agile and intuitive web solutions help you outperform the competition while catering to your specific needs. Our web application development services simplify business procedures for the perpetual flow of operations in the micro as well as macro workstations. While overcoming the limitations of outlying branches and communication barriers, we develop an interactive platform for enterprises that acts as a dual interface between an organization and its employees and between an organization and its customers.

DOT Technologies innovates business initiatives into enterprise solutions by means of rich technology resources and inventive intellectual inputs. Our web app development model promises:

Optimized Work Flow
Channelized Work Floor
Rationalized Leads
Repeated Business
Brand Promotion & Management
Stable Market Share
Global Reach

We help you optimize your redundant business processes with our web application development resources to become more profitable in terms of cost-effectiveness, quality, and timeliness.


The intuitive user interface aims at exponential leads and conversions all the way through call-to-action designs. To pot the brand in today's competitive market, the design architecture should be clean, clear, simple, understandable, elegant, and stylish to create an experience for users (UX) and hinge them as loyal customers.

DOT Technologies' intensive user experience planning reflects in its UI design, which leads a visitor straightforwardly to the point of action through a specific roadmap filtered through AB comparison tests. Based on complex consumer behavior mining, we address usability issues through a detailed graphical user interface design that complements users' needs and interests precisely.

From prototype to implementation, we craft web and mobile UI designs to increase repetitive traffic and multiply leads. Our UX design is a safe harbor for users and organizations as it meets their objectives through consistent dialogue, enjoyable interaction, and profitable conversion.

Integrate your business goals with our seasoned user-centric designs to gain

  • Voluminous Traffic
  • Engaged Users
  • Easy Leads
  • Repeated Viewers & Customers
  • High Productivity
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Content Management System

CMS or Content Management system allows you to control and manage the content within your website. We offer comprehensive CMS solutions for all prospects of content management including web content management, record management, editorial workflows, content architecture, multi-channel distribution, endeavor content integration, and online asset management. With Dot Technology, you get a highly efficient CMS website at a very reasonable price. We will design, integrate and deploy CMS and ECS systems that are best suited to your organization's requirements.

Our web content management system gives you all –

Multiple Sites | Versatile Languages | Social Media | Mobile Device Support

And the best part is - it is great for a layman with. With a little experience in Microsoft Word and no HTML experience, you can easily edit the content from any web browser or from your smartphone. This will not only reduce calls to your professionals for changes on the website but it will also reduce the publishing time and make your content go online faster.

Why Dot Technologies?

Web design and development with Dot Technologies can effectively help your organization drive new revenue streams. Whether you are looking for high-level strategic ideas or for proficients who can manage your complex integration projects, we can assist you. Our consultative approach is a perfect amalgamation of business intelligence, data management, and portal development expertise to create customized solutions that best meet your organization’s needs and help you to become smarter and more competitive.

  • Captivating websites, online portals, and stores.
  • Website enhancements through content management and social media marketing.
  • Analysis of your CMS requirements by our trained CMS developers who will choose suitable and customized CMS options to optimize usability and cost.
  • Management of multifaceted content, templates, and style sheets by our dedicated CMS team.
  • Multiple website management.
  • Top-notch platform customization and a dynamic web experience full of rich content and multimedia for the users.
  • Plug-ins for each CMS to offer the best features.
  • Troubleshooting, documentation, and assistance from the community.
Opensource CMS available with us
Typo 3
Expression Engine
eZ Publish
B2 Evolution

A successful website has two critical aspects: User experience and Content. We have expertise in taking content and user experience to a new level of simplicity and efficiency for the online portal, users of a website, and editors at the back end.

Dot Technologies is internationally recognized and has worked for more than 200 renowned international brands.


End-to-end e-business solutions help organizations meet diverse market verticals- business-to-business and business-to-customer, for an increased market share. Get your business live on the web and expand your operations as well as your clients’ network across the globe. To embark on a successful international journey, robust IT solutions - thriving on respective technologies must be deployed to innovate business systems. The multiplicity of tasks is simplified through technology-driven multi-tier automated infrastructure.

From defining business requirements through an in-depth case study to the design and development of featured e-business solutions, DOT Technologies provides e-business consulting services to facilitate your operations in demanding business and technology environments.

Accelerate your business lifecycle with our e-business solutions that:

  • are reliable, flexible, and secure applications
  • are result-oriented and high performing in real-time situations
  • deliver a great user experience.
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